Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

To create avenues for the development of programs which will promote and facilitate participation in recreational, competitive and high performance sport for all Barbadians, according to the individual abilities and aspirations, at local, regional and international levels.


To provide a high level of service in the area of coaching, provision and maintenance of sporting facilities and general sport administration in the interest of educational institutions, clubs, youth and community groups and national associations, and the promotion of mass participation in the pursuit of excellence in sports.


The aim of the National Sports Council (NSC) is to develop an active, healthy and fit society through sports and physical activities in line with the overall efforts of the Government in nation building. Much of the general objectives over the 42 years include:

  • To develop a healthy, disciplined and united society through greater
  • participation and better opportunities in sport by all levels of society;
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for the fulfilment of basic social, psychological and physiological needs of individuals, including the physically and mentally challenged, through sports;
  • To develop and improve the knowledge and practice of sports in the interest of social welfare of the individual and the enjoyment of leisure among the public at large;
  • To achieve excellence at the highest level, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, at national, regional, and international levels of competitions, and also with a view towards enhancing national image and goodwill.
  • To promote and develop sports as a productive sector of the economy.